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  • Will my rates go up by filing an insurance claim?
    No, they should not. You pay for homeowner’s insurance in case of natural disasters. You cannot be penalized for opting to use your insurance.
  • What about my deductible?
    A deductible is the amount of money a policyholder must pay out of pocket as their portion of the claim. If you file a claim and it is covered, the deductible is subtracted from the amount the insurance company gives you to pay your contractor.
  • Is all work guaranteed?
    Absolutely! Labor and materials are fully guaranteed. We offer a 30 year and optional Lifetime Warranty on materials and 3 year standard up to lifetime (optional) on labor.
  • Is the company appropriately licensed and insured?
    Yes. Rampart Xtreme is licensed as a general contractor, and we carry full liability insurance and workers comp. Customers are put at ease knowing our company is reputable, financially secure, well established, and safe.
  • Has previous work been done in this neighborhood?
    We will gladly provide you with a list of references upon request.
  • What kind of shingles are used?
    Our company uses asphalt shingles in both 3 tab and architectural styles from a variety of manufacturers to suit customer needs. Generally, we use GAF materials but If specific manufacturers are requested our company will gladly use the requested product when available.
  • What are dimensional or “architectural” shingles?
    Architectural shingles are two layers of shingle material bonded together, giving them a three-dimensional appearance. They provide protection and deliver a superior appearance. Our company highly recommends these dimensional shingles, and if not covered by your insurance our company can make this upgrade an affordable choice for homeowners.
  • Is the wood replaced under the shingles?
    Insurance companies typically do not cover damage to wood, underlayment, or rafters. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to cover this cost. However, 90% of homes only need a few pieces of wood replaced, generally near chimneys and vents. Storm Team gladly replaces up to two sheets of plywood at no additional cost as a courtesy to the homeowner.
  • Is an estimate provided?
    The estimate is provided by your insurance company. We do all the work for their industry standard price. Measurements and costs are compared with your insurance company to make sure no items were left out or underpaid. If any discrepancies arise, they are notified and adjustments are made.
  • What is the estimated time to complete the process?
    The insurance process can take as little as two days or up to two months. Rampart Xtreme is highly experienced in working with these companies and strives to complete the process in a timely manner.
  • Is this a local company?
    Yes, Rampart Xtreme is based out of Stoughton, Wisconsin.
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